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Ocala Civic Theatre - Education Department Class Schedule
Class Schedule

You can view the Class Schedule for our Dreams Come Alive with Theatre! Fall 2017 here.

View Fall 2017 Brochure (PDF)
Frequently asked questions:

What are the payment requirements?
A $20 deposit (unless otherwise noted) is required at registration, and the full balance is due the Friday before the class begins. Full tuition is only refundable until the Friday before class begins. Students who do not make the full payment by this time will be dropped from the class. The deposit is non-refundable. If you need to make payment arrangements, please contact the Education Director at (352) 236-2851, ext. 107.


Is financial aid available for students?
Financial aid is available for those who demonstrate true financial need. Applications are available at the theatre and on our website. For more information, please call the box office at (352) 236-2274.


What time should I arrive?
Please arrive approximately 10 minutes early, especially the first day of class, so you and your student may meet the teacher and fill out a student emergency medical form.


What if my child needs to miss a class?
Please let us know in advance if your child will miss any classes so that teachers can adjust their lesson plans accordingly. Refunds cannot be made for missed classes.


What time should I pick up my child?
Parents should arrive shortly before class ends to pick up their student. The pick-up/ drop-off point is the Theatre’s front entrance. Our first priority is your child’s safety. Students will not be permitted to wait outside. Please be prompt. If you are late and the teacher needs to wait with your child, a strict penalty of $25 for every extra 15 minutes will be imposed.


Will there be a performance at the end of classes?
Some have a “Sharing Day” on the last day of class for family and friends that may wish to observe. This may be an informal performance, a reading of a script, or they might simply share something the class has worked on. NOT EVERY CLASS WILL PRESENT A “PLAY” OR OTHER PERFORMANCE FOR SHARING DAY. Each instructor will design a sharing day based on the needs and skills of the class. If a performance is planned for sharing day, it is intended to be very informal and almost always done without lights, sets, props, or costumes. Classes specifically listed as “Performance Camps” will conclude with performances on the stage in the auditorium to which the public may buy tickets.


What does my child need for class?
We ask that your child dress comfortably for classes. If your child chooses to wear a dress or skirt, please layer with a pair of shorts underneath. Closed-toed shoes are preferred. We also ask that if your child chooses to bring a snack to class, please pack healthy snacks (fruit, granola bar, etc.) and send a water bottle with them to fill at the water fountain.


Will my child need to memorize lines?
Memorization is encouraged for most presentations. Assisting your child in memorization is a wonderful shared experience, especially for children with limited reading skills. If a performance of a short play is planned, you can expect some prompting, directions, or suggestions from the teacher. Please remember – this is an informal presentation, and the class has had limited time to prepare for sharing day!


Theatre skills are life skills!
Our classes are very carefully planned to match the skill and emotional level of the student. For that reason, we only place students in classes within their age range. On the first day of class, you can ask for information on what to expect from any class. In order to ensure that students derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from the classroom experience, students who become disruptive or disrespectful will be removed from class with no refund of tuition. Information on our class instructors can be found on our website,, as well as on our Facebook page, Ocala Civic Theatre — Education Department.

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